Top German Book (Novels) must read for learn german 

1 . Zwei Welten German Novel

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About the Book 

The translator: Hem Mahesh's understanding of and sensitization to cultural diversity is based on her many ye-ndia, Germany and England.  Culture and language have always been at the center of her professional tasks - in India she worked at the Goethe Institutes in Chennai, Pune and Mumbai;  in Berlin at the House of World Cultures and in England as a German teacher at various universities and for companies.  Translations of texts and articles into German, English, French and Tamil have always been an essential part of her work, but Hem has also been involved in literature beyond her professional activities.  She has published three books, including her translation of a book - 'The White Woman in the Tree' by Dirk Angelroth - from German into English.  This volume is her first publication of short stories from Tamil.  G

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