Constitution Of India and Pendency of court cases

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The Legal Profession is not oriented for settlement of disputes. if we make changes in the Advocate's act by making it obligatory in ethics of legal profession that it is first priority of the lawyer to settle cases rather than initiate litigation then most petty and trivial cases can be settled at the earliest stage and at that stage settlement is easy.

Justice V.R. Krishna Lyer,
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India
R C Aggarwal
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Constitution of India and Pendency of court cases

The Real Solution to the humongous pendency of court cases is in completely overhauling the criminal justice system. Our criminal justice system relies on bullock cart technologies in this supersonic age. 

K.T.S Tulsi,

MP and Sr. Advocate,

Supreme Court of India 

Polygamy poses a dilemma for feminist constitutionalism. Canada offers the perfect crucible for understanding this dilemma. Not only is polygamy a crime but also Canada justifies criminalization on the grounds of protecting women and children, thereby attracting the attention and concern of feminists. 

Beverly Baines, Professor,

Queen's University,

Kingston,ON, CANADA

 Some of the most elemental aspects of the modern criminal justice have their foundation in the relationship between law and religion.

Benjamin L Berger,

Associate Dean And Associate Professor 

York University,Toronto, ON, CANADA

The Journey Of Indian Constitution in the last six decades or so has been replete with incidents that eloquently speak of histories of both making and unmaking of Indian constitution, and are reflective of " Summits and shallows" of Indian constitutional law, which has responded to the institutional expectations" of "we, the people" of India

Prof. (Dr.) B C Nirmal

Vice-Chancellor, National

University of study and

Research in law, Ranchi 








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