A Systematic Approach to Translation of Newspaper Materials from Russian into English (Part I)

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Meeta Narain
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About the Author

Meeta Narain is an Associate Professor at the Centre of Russian Studies, SLL&CS, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She completed her Ph. D in Russian language and translation from CRS, JNU in 1987. Her areas of interest include the teaching of translation courses on newspaper, social sciences, business, trade and commerce materials from Russian into English and vice versa. She also conducts courses on theory of translation and advanced courses on the same, as well as practical Russian language courses at graduate and post-graduate levels.

She has authored books on 'Communicative Russian Language Teaching' and on 'Title Translation'. She has presented papers at Davis & Elkins College, Elkins (West Virginia, US), Universite de Bretagne-Sud, Lorient, (France) and has held interactive sessions at the Russian departments of the Columbia University (New York), Oxford and Cambridge Universities (UK). She has also visited the Moscow State University, the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language and Peoples' Friendship University (Russia) for field work and seminars. Besides this, she has several research papers to her credit, published and presented at national and international conferences. She is the recipient of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Millennium National Teachers' Award, 2010 in the field of education.

Her present book is a collection of texts in two volumes, dealing with translation of newspapers and social science materials from Russian into English, an outcome of her experience in teaching these courses at graduate and post graduate levels at CRS, JNU. This is an attempt to present the techniques of teaching the processes of translation in a systematic manner. The book is accompanied by a supplementary book comprising of widely used words / word combinations / sentences and a glossary of newspaper and social science terminology from Russian into English and vice versa. These books will serve as effective teaching tools for students as well as for teachers of Russian language and translation in Indian and foreign universities.


About the Book

‘A Systematic Approach to Translation of Newspaper Materials from Russian into English' (Part I) is a text book designed for graduate and post graduate students of Russian language and translation. It is a collection of texts from various Russian newspapers that have been classified thematically in accordance with important newspaper fields - Official Visits and Meetings, Talks, Co-operation, Agreements, Economy and Mass-media. Each text is followed by grammatical and lexical exercises which enable the students, while translating the texts, to improve their skills by grasping the techniques of translation in a systematic manner. The new words, verbs, and word combinations acquaint the students with not only new terminology, but also teach them their usage in exercises. The practice of these texts will enhance the skills of students and will serve as an important teaching tool for both students and teachers of Russian language.


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