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G. Mauger Cours de Langue et de Civilization Francaise - 2 (New) with CD

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G. Mauger
Paper Back
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Publisher: Hachette
For Sale in the Indian Subcontinent only

G. MAUGER: cours de Langue et de Civilisation Françaises 2 Leçon 15-25

This new edition of “cours de Langue et de Civilisation Françaises: G Mauger” popularly known as Mauger Bleu brings to you a fresh and new, revised approach to the book.

Highlights of the New Edition:

  • Full colour version with colour coding to help the students to comprehend, absorb and retain the grammatical concepts.
  • Retaining all the previous contents with extra features.
  • Table de Matieres / Contents page with full explanation of the chapter.
  • French - English Word lists after every 4 chapters.
  • Exercises expanded for students to solve them. One sample answer in all questions included.
  • A new introductory chapter added on places, food, culture, civilization and salutation etc.
  • 5 levels of Mauger Bleu from Classes 6 -10. About 5000 exercises have been opened up for enough practise by the students with each exercise having a solved answer for reference.


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