Vitamina: Libro del alumno + audio descargable (B1)

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Berta Sarralde, Eva Casarejos, Daniel Martinez
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Publisher: Difusion
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What does this manual offer? Universal and varied themes. Real written and aural texts that contemplate a variety of topics and integration of the accents and the culture of Latin America. Focus on interaction, on a varied textual typology and on the lexicon. Vitamin B1 consists of 12 units and each of them contains: · A cover, which is an artistic photograph that suggests and invites interest in the unit. Present the topics and content and include questions related to the image. · Three sections that treat the subject from different points of view; Simple grammar and communication charts that refer to a final appendix with more extensive explanations and exercises. Pronunciation and spelling with activities. · in action: a final page with tasks of interest that stimulate the production of oral and written texts, promoting the integration of skills. In addition, it offers a varied typology of le activities, similar to those of the B1 exam. Review / reflection: every three units, with games for the class and a review to assess the progress of the students and promote self-evaluation, at the end of the book there is an appendix that includes pair activities, an annex with grammar and activities, a glossary and the transcripts of auditions.