Pasaporte: Libro del alumno + CD audio A2

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M. Cerrolaza, O. Cerrolaza, B. Llovet
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Publisher: SGEL
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Passport A2 is a method of Spanish as a foreign language for youth and adults. It is made up of 6 modules. Each module consists of four areas: Personal - Public - Professional - Academic, four contexts of use of the language for general, not specific purposes, in which speaking intentions are developed in different situations, with different interlocutors and styles, and with varied and peculiar types of texts. Each of the first three areas starts from a real document that allows the student to activate their previous knowledge. In each of these areas, the contents and necessary skills are worked on so that, at the end, the student can carry out the communication activity, real, based on their own needs and interests in the use of the language, action. Each area works in sequence the five communicative linguistic competences: linguistic (lexical, grammatical and phonetic and orthographic), pragmatic-functional and sociolinguistics, in such a way that the student has the knowledge of vocabulary and expressions, the understanding of the grammatical rules and sensitivity towards the use of the language necessary to carry out the action successfully. The Hispanic culture is presented through a multicultural methodology, so that the student can acquire a sociocultural knowledge that is especially useful in the social practice of Spanish. As a novelty, in each module there is an Art Approach section that presents photographs of great visual impact on various artistic disciplines. The academic environment, being located in the context of learning the language.