Bharati Korean Intermediate

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183072816

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This book is constituted of four sections in each lesson: grammar, business conversation, texts and Hanja aiming at mastering the intermediate level of Korean language in reading, writing and speaking. This will be very effective for students who had completed Bharati Korean Basic, training them from general fields to specific sphere with well Indianized contexts.

It covers a sufficient level of vocabulary with Hindi pronunciation and its meaning in English bases on a tested table of accurate Korean pronunciation matched to Hindi phonetic signs as provided in Bharati Korean Basic. Besides, it comprises approximately 300 Hanja that facilitate students to expand more vocabularies and to identify with any type of contexts in Korean. It is supported with ample exercises. Conversation is specified from business line, enabling learners to utilize their knowledge as workable in actual situation. Accordingly, circumstances of the conversational parts are developed sequentially, of grammar, it is more specific than book 1. If they are mastered, Korean sentiment may be exposed well in their dialogue.