Publisher: ELI

ISBN: 9788881483129

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ISBN-10:  8881483122
ISBN-13: 9788881483129
Language:  German
Level:  Beginners
Publisher:  ELI 
Publishing Date: 01-09-2019
Subject: German

One of the possible game scenarios: Players draw cards one after the other with pictures of various activities and infinitives of the verbs describing these activities, and then roll 3 dice (with personal pronouns, symbols of sentence modes and indicia time) and arrange the sentence according to the randomly selected criteria. Example: Du + frühstücken + Frageform + gestern = Hast du gestern gefrühstückt?

Language objectives: to practice variations of German regular and irregular verbs.

Age range: children from 8 years of age, adolescents, adults

Application: The game Das große Spiel der Verben can be used both during school activities and at home (games with friends and family, or private German lessons).

Additional benefits: Das improves mental skills such as memory, concentration and perceptiveness, promotes effective remembering and teaches activity and healthy competition, and its ludic character helps in establishing social relations with other participants of the game and has a positive effect on reducing the distance between the student and the teacher.

Additional cube: The game has been enriched with new game variants thanks to the use of an additional cube extending the educational scope of the game.

Extended manual: The game comes with an extensive manual in Polish containing:

  • methodological introduction for teachers, parents and the players themselves,
  • extensive game scenarios,
  • proposals for educational games and exercises,
  • a practical glossary of words used in the game to be copied, together with a translation into Polish and a phonetic transcription.

The instruction in Polish is also a convenience for people who do not know the foreign language sufficiently to read the original, foreign-language version of the instruction, as well as the ability to independently manage language and educational games with children or peers.

The game was developed on the basis of the criteria of the European System for the Description of Language Education ( Gemeinsamer Europäische Referenzrahmen ) - A2-B1 level