Deutsch Interessant 2

Publisher: Indo Bonn

ISBN: 9788183071819

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With the publication of the Part 2, We are pleased to place before you a complete German Language elementary course Deutsch Interessant 1-3 which leads to the level of the Grundstufe 1 and the the Certificate Examination in German.

We have attemted to make the learning process easy and interesting by applying some of the latest teaching techniques.

Deutsch Interessant 3 has been written for:

  • The student of the 8th standard.
  • Those who have completed appr.130-150 units of German (1 Unit = 45 minutes)
  • Those who have covered the course offered in Deutsch Interessant 1 and 2 (Textbooks for 6th and 7th Classes respectively) and want an easy grasp of complex phenomena of the language.