Do It yourself Beginner - Level Japanese Grammar Review

Publisher: Three A Network

ISBN: 9784883195411

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This book is a revised edition of "Complete Master Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Grammar Exercises". This new edition is not only aimed at people wishing to take the Japanese Languages proficiency Test, but also people who wish to review or confirm beginner-level Japanese sentence patterns/grammar by themselves. It enables them to improve their proficiency in Japanese easily and with certainly by revising basic grammar and sentence patterns. 

This book consists of 7 Parts : in Part I to V, the grammatical items or structures are arranged according to the verb conjugation found in the sentence pattern or its function; Part VI explains particles; and Part VII other grammatical points. Each grammatical structure is numbered (1 ~ 118) for easy reference. This revised edition also has the example sentences given in English and comes with exercise questions and answers. The book is a great way to learners to review or confirm beginner level Japanese grammar by themselves.