Oh là là! - Niveau 3 - Cahier d'activités

Publisher: Clé international

ISBN: 9782090336290

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  • Author : Catherine Favret, Aline Mariage
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9782090336290
  • Language :  French
  • Pages : 48 
  • Publisher : Clé international
  • Publishing Date : January 2004
  • Series : Oh là là!
  • Size : 21.1 x 0.6 x 28.6 cm
  • Subtitle : Workbook 
  • Subject : French
  • Weight : 136g 

Activity book in the Oh là là! , method of French as a foreign language (FLE) for teenagers, level 3.

The workbook of Oh là là! , allows the "transition to writing" and the systematization of the different points of language seen in class.

It has the same structure as the student's book: the division by units, the lessons part and the feedback part.

In the Lessons section, we systematize in writing the grammar points worked on in class, as well as vocabulary, written expression and spelling, through the sections Grammar and conjugation, Words and expressions and Sound-Graphics. There are exercises in context, varied and graduated, ranging from the most restrictive to the most free, as well as fun activities.

In the echoes part, we always find, in addition to the previous headings, a heading To learn proposing learning strategies, written comprehension and Written expression. The notebook therefore makes it possible to consolidate the achievements of the entire unit, including the Echos part of the student's book.

The section To learn aims to make the student understand that there are techniques likely to help him in his learning and school skills to implement:

  • how to remember a structure or a conjugation;
  • how to find a forgotten word;
  • how to express oneself orally;
  • how to understand in writing;
  • how to express yourself in writing.

At the end of the notebook, a lexical index, by units, My dictionary, contains the active vocabulary, written or drawn. The student can draw or translate the words, and thus choose how to memorize them.