Pour une didactique de l’oralité – Livre

Publisher: Didier

ISBN: 9782278060870

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Author: Corinne Weber
ISBN-13: 9782278060870
Language:  FRENCH
Publisher: Didier
Publishing Date: 06-02-2013
Subtitle: Novel
Subject: FRENCH

Intended for researchers, students and practitioners of French, a reflection and proposals around the notion of oral and oral, to better build and implement lessons in this field.

For many practitioners and according to educational cultures, the oral is a multiform and vague object, behind which lie various realities.

The objective of this work is to clarify and formalize the “oral” object, with regard to the evolution of language sciences and language didactics. Thanks to a better knowledge of the issues and systems at play (morphosyntactic, grammatical, phonetic, prosodic and variational), we remove the impression of complexity attached to this language activity; the perimeter of the “grammar of orality” is thus widened from a didactic perspective.

Many years of training in France and outside France of students and teachers of French as a foreign language have guided this reflective path to be able to more serenely apprehend one's teaching / learning in a situation of interaction and grasp the knowledge (and actions ) the most profitable that the teacher can bring to the learner on language and its mechanisms.

The role of this book is therefore to help future trainers, young researchers and practitioners to understand all the network ramifications in language activity and to grasp more precisely the properties involved in interactional experience. It is also designed to tend towards a change in the perception of French as it is spoken, as a weapon against ideological and normative barriers.

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