Studio D B1 : Kurs- und Ubungsbuch + Sprachtraining

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9783464208823

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Author:  J W von Goethe
ISBN-10: 3464207196
ISBN-13: 9783464207192
Language: German 
Level: B1
Publisher: Cornelsen 
Publishing Date: 2017
Subtitle: Textbook + Workbook 
Subject: German

German as a foreign language for adults

This multimedia textbook network is available in three or six volumes. The focus is on the course and exercise book with an inserted learner CD.


Processing time: Each complete volume can be processed in 120-150 teaching units - the sub-volumes in 60-75 teaching units.


A comprehensive range of media-based learning and teaching

  • A video for each volume
  • Learner CD-ROM with interactive exercises
  • CD-ROM interactive lesson preparation for teachers
  • Digital material distribution planner for flexible organization of the course
  • Studio d Whiteboard with interactive whiteboard images