Vocabulary For Learners of German A Comprehensive Thesaurus

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183070973

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Author:  John Stevens
ISBN-10: 8183070973
ISBN-13: 9788183070973
Language:  German
Level:  Advanced
Publisher: Goyal Publishers
Publishing Date: 01-09-2011
Subtitle: Comprehensive German Thesaurus - Hueber
Subject: German

Vocabulary For Learners of German

              A Comprehensive Thesaurus

  • Comprehensive thesaurus of German for elementary, intermediate and advanced level
  • 15,000 entries divided into 20 thematic areas, arranged systematically in wordfields
  • Basic vocabulary (in colour) and supplementary vocabulary, technical and specialist terms
  • For revision, consolidation, extension and reinforcement of vocabulary and for exam preparation
  • All the vocabulary for the Certificate of German exam is included, specially marked
  • With example sentences and mini-dialogues showing the words in context
  • Info boxes on culture, vocabulary, functional phrases, grammar and German idiomatic expressions and phrases
  • Regional Variants and cultural differences in Austria and Switzerland covered
  • With useful tips on how to learn vocabulary and how to use this book
  • Extensive table of contents and both German and English index to ensure prompt access and efficient navigation