GOYAL Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1987 by Ashwani Goyal, a second generation entrepreneur following the footsteps of his father, Late Shri W R Goyal who was one of the leading importers and distributors of books published outside India (General Book Depot 1940).

GOYAL Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. caters exclusively to learners of foreign languages. In its 30th year of business, GOYAL SaaB enthusiastically marches ahead to fulfil the needs of the growing foreign language learners in the Indian sub-continent.

GOYAL Publishers has partnered with leading publishers across the globe & cultural institutes like Goethe Institutes / Max Mueller Bhawans, Alliance Française, Instituto Cervantes, Japan Foundation, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Korean Cultural Centre and the Italian Cultural Institute to popularize & assist the learning of German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, English Vocabulary & Word Power  & several other foreign languages. Trusted for competence and quality, GOYAL SaaB® is a leading name in the foreign language book in the Indian Sub-continent.

To facilitate the foreign language learning needs in India, GOYAL’S exclusive Foreign Language Bookshop and online store - www.goyalpublisher.com / www.goyalsaab.com boasts of one of the largest collection of foreign language books in the country. It is our endeavor to make quality books available at affordable prices and to identify and supply specific teaching support material to the various schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions and cultural centers of the Indian subcontinent.

The Company also operates specialized bookshops inside various Cultural Institutes and has outlets in Goethe Institute Delhi and Chennai, Alliance Francaise, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh and Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi.

We are a small team looking after the constantly growing foreign language needs in the Indian sub-continent and it is your constant encouragement that has helped us bring out more and more books at affordable prices for the enthusiastic learners.

30 years of relentless efforts of our Company have been supported by an ever-growing creed of language learners and teachers in the sub-continent which has given an insight into each other’s needs. This has been the guiding force behind our varied basket of books from all leading publishers of foreign language books from around the world.