Adomania - 1 Livre De L’Élève + Cd Rom (Textbook)

Publisher: Hachette

ISBN: 9782014015225

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    • Author: Céline Himber, Corina Brillant, Sophie Erlich
    • Binding: Paperback
    • ISBN-10: 2014015228
    • ISBN-13: 9782014015225
    • Language: French
    • Level: 1
    • Market : Ages11-14
    • Pages: 152
    • Publisher: Hachette
    • Publishing Date: February 4, 2016
    • Series : Adomania
    • Size : 210x297 Mm
    • Subtitle: Textbook
    • Subject: French
    • Weight : 390 gm

    About The Book 

    Structure :

    • 1 dossier «  Découverte  »
    • 8 dossiers «  Étapes  » avec 3 leçons d’apprentissage + 1 double page «  Cultures  » / «  Projet  »
    • 1 double page «  Entraînement  »
    • 1 page «  Évaluation  »
    •  entrainement au DELF
    • En annexe : la transcription des enregistrements, un lexique illustré, un précis grammatical et un tableau de conjugaison
    • 1 CD-ROM  (audio + vidéo)

    (vidéos aussi disponibles sur le site:

    Descriptif :

    • Adomania encourage l'apprentissage collectif avec des phases de travail en petits groupes et une tâche collective.
    • Facile à utiliser, avec des parcours courts et variés au sein  de chaque leçon
    • Centrés sur le vécu des ados
    • Un travail sur la langue clair et contextualisé
    • Un documentaire vidéo original (+  fiches d’exploitation dans le guide pédagogique)
    • Une offre numérique innovante avec un manuel numérique élève et enseignant et un parcours digital ! 


    Structure :

    • 1 “Discovery” folder
    • 8 "Steps" folders with 3 learning lessons + 1 double page "  Cultures  " / "  Project  "
    • 1 double page “Training”
    • 1 “Assessment” page
    •  DELF training
    • In the appendix: the transcription of the recordings, an illustrated lexicon, a grammatical summary and a conjugation table
    • 1 CD-ROM  (audio + video)

    (videos also available on the site: )


    • Adomania encourages collective learning with phases of work in small groups and a collective task.
    • Easy to use, with short and varied routes within each lesson
    • Centered on the experience of adolescents
    • Clear and contextualized language work
    • An original video documentary (+ exploitation sheets in the educational guide)
    • An innovative digital offer with a digital student and teacher manual and a digital course! 

    Using a task-based approach and drawing on teenagers' natural leaning towards working in groups "Adomania" has a focus on collective learning with work for small groups and a class project. There are 9 units in each level - 1 unit 0 "découverte" plus 8 further units. The course focuses on the teen experience with visual, written and spoken texts - as well as a culture page - inspired by teen magazines. Chapters are easy to use with a short and varied structure for each lesson - 1 lesson on each double page spread. The initial page introduces the topic; the following three double pages focus on discovering the theme and vocabulary; working on grammar and comprehension and a final double page linking the topic to French culture and the final class project. Language work is clear and contextualised throughout with an assessment at the end of each stage. The original video that accompanies "Adomania" contains 16 clips of French teenagers filmed in a French school. Resource sheets for the clips are included in the teacher's guide. The workbook contains an access code for the online platform for "Adomania" which includes a digital version of the student's book and workbook, and the audio and visual material. See a video clip here: