Activités Pour Le Cadre Europeen Commun De Reference – Niveau B1 + Cd

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090353822

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        • Author: Martine Corsain, Eliane Grandet, Marie-Louise Parizet
        • Binding: PAPERBACK
        • ISBN-10: 2090353821
        • ISBN-13: 9782090353822
        • Language: FRENCH
        • Level: B1
        • Pages: 192
        • Publisher: Clé international
        • Publishing Date: june 21, 2006
        • Subtitle: TEXTBOOK
        • Subject: FRENCH
        • Weight : 600g 

        About The Book 

        Training book in French as a foreign language (FLE), in the Activities for the CEFR collection , for older adolescents and adults, level B1.

        Activities for the Common Framework B1 proposes a work program relating to the skills as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for its B1 level.

        Many guided activities, all in color, grouped into Comprehension, Expression and Oral Interactions and Written Interactions, allow real measurable and precise work on the listed skills.

        A natural extension of communicative approaches, it is situated in an action-oriented perspective which "considers the user and the learner of a language as social actors having to accomplish tasks in given circumstances in a given environment".

        Organized into 6 levels ranging from discovery to mastery of the language-culture, the work establishes a more realistic and precise progression than the usual distinction between elementary, intermediate and advanced. Designed as a set of activities and not as a language learning manual, it is organized into 2 parts: one devoted to speaking, the other to writing. In each of them, underlined by different colors, the 3 skills of reception, production, interaction are approached successively. However, they are linked and enrich each other.

        Level B1 which has 2 degrees (B1 and B1 +) is said to be "threshold level". At this level, the learner is an independent user of the language, he can get by in most situations encountered while traveling. It can relate an event, an experience or a dream, describe a hope or a goal and briefly state reasons or explanations for a project or an idea.

        All oral activities are recorded on the included audio CD.
        The answers can be found at the end of the book to facilitate self-assessment.