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ISBN: 9788183076395

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Author: Hem Chandra Pande
ISBN-10: 8183076394
ISBN-13: 9788183076395
Publisher:  Goyal Publishers
Publishing Date:  2015
Subtitle: BOOKS
Subject: RUSSIAN

The present book ADVANCED RUSSIAN is a continuation of our previuos book RUSSIAN FOR INDIANS

The present book ADVANCED RUSSIAN is a continuation of our previuos book RUSSIAN FOR INDIANS (abbreviated as RFI-HCP in the book wherever it has been referred to) published by Goyal Publishers & Distributors in 2013. Both the books have been prepared to be used text-book for teaching and learning Russian language for adults and young learners. This book is meant for advanced learners of Russian who have already assimilated the fundamentals of Russian grammar and basic vocablary. Major topics of grammar covered in this book are: Active and Passive Constructions, Past Participle Passive, Present Participle Passive, Present Participle Active, Past Participle Active, use of Negative Adverbs, declension and use of Cardinal Numerals, Verbal Adverbs, Conditional Subjunctive Mood, Delension and use of Negative Pronouns, Direct and Indirect Speech, Complex Sentences, Impersonal Sentences, more on the use of Verbal Aspect. The advanced learners of Russian language will, definitely, benefit by studying these topics of Russian grammar.

The book ADVANCED RUSSIAN has been written by Professor Hem Chandra Pande who has more than four decades of experience of teaching Russian to beginners, first at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (Nashik, Maharashtra), and later in the Centre of Russian Studies (earlier known as Institute of Russian Studies), Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Hem Chandra Pande retired from service in the year 2005. He is well-known in the field of Russian language, and has made multifarious contribution to the study of Russian in India. He is admired for his Hindi translations of contemporary Russian prose. Beside translations Hem Chandra Pande has published a number of books and articles on linguistics, contrastive grammar, theory of translation, neurolinguistics, Russian Indology, lexicography, and Russian literature. He has also worked in the field of Russian-Hindi lexicography. This long experience of the author has been reflected in the present book which has been written keeping in mind the needs of adult and young learners.