Alex et Zoé - Niveau 1 - J'apprends à lire et à écrire

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090354874

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  • Author: Colette Samson
  • Binding: PAPERBACK
  • ISBN-10: 2090354879
  • ISBN-13: 9782090354874
  • Language:  FRENCH
  • Level:  A1.1
  • Publisher:  Clé international
  • Publishing Date : October 2006
  • Series : Alex et Zoé -
  • Size : 24.7 x 3 x 32.4 cm
  • Subtitle : Workbook 
  • Subject: FRENCH
  • Weight : 621g

Reading and writing notebook in the Alex et Zoé collection , French as a foreign language (FLE) method for children, level 1 (A1.1).

The book is based on the 32-page booklet Learn to Read with Alex and Zoe (978-209-035486-0) sold separately.

It makes it possible to include it in a thought-out and constructive educational device for the development of reading and writing in young children attending school in French or in a French second language environment.

This educational package is also particularly suitable for bilingual classes.

Objectives of the book:

  • Develop the skills necessary to become a good reader (phonological, visual, spatial and temporal, comparison, copying, relating the oral chain to the written chain);
  • Familiarize yourself with the written language and culture;
  • Allow each child to access the written language by offering them a variety of inputs;
  • Make the student an actor in the construction of his knowledge (by developing his capacities to formulate hypotheses and to verify them, by encouraging him to use his knowledge to acquire other ones);
  • Foster socio-cognitive conflicts (interaction, mutual aid, confrontation, argumentation ...)
  • Access to French culture and civilization, while promoting interculturality;
  • Train children to produce writing in communication situations;
  • Consolidate what has been learned by offering activities in a spiral progression;
  • Respect the learning pace of each child by varying the amount of activities offered.

The teacher's book includes an educational guide and photocopiable cards.

The educational guide consists of three parts:

  • An educational approach for the 15 reading book units (sold separately); this can be followed step by step or adapted by the teacher;
  • A repertoire of activities, in order to allow the teacher greater flexibility of use. In the course of the sessions, specific activities will be proposed, but at any time the teacher can draw from this directory of complementary activities according to the needs of his class. For the sake of clarity, the activities have been grouped into 10 categories and for some classified within the category into discovery or impregnation sub-groups;
  • A summary table of the vocabulary and sounds studied. 5 categories: determinants, pronouns, verbal forms, nouns, qualifying adjectives or others. For verbal forms, the infinitive is given systematically, the occurrences in the texts of the reading booklet are in bold and italics; for pronominal verbs, the pronoun is in parentheses: m. for masculine, f. for feminine and if necessary, the plural indication (pl.) is noted. For qualifying adjectives, the feminine form is indicated in parentheses. Finally, for each unit, the phonemes are indicated as well as the capital word.

The photocopiable files are made up of :

  • Exercise sheets: individual exercises, exercises of impregnation, systematization, training, knowledge transfer or evaluation. There are 4 of these sheets per unit, one of which is level 2. For the sake of educational differentiation, in view of the heterogeneity of the public, it appeared necessary to offer more complex exercises. All the corrections of exercises are turned in the teaching guide.
  • Tool sheets: educational material for conducting sessions or for carrying out individual exercises.