Alpha Plus A1 Bild- und Wortkarten Kartensammlung (Ausgabe 2011/12)

Publisher: Cornelsen

ISBN: 9783060207756

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  • Author : Hubertus, Peter; Yasaner, Vecih
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Edition : 2011/12 A1
  • ISBN-13 : 9783060207756
  • Level : A1
  • Language : German
  • Pages : 108
  • Publisher : Cornelsen
  • Publishing Date : 2011
  • Size 209 x 297 x 12mm
  • Subject : German
  • Weight : 918 gm

Information on the series: Alpha plus is a two-volume textbook for adults aged 16 and over who want to learn German, cannot read or write the Latin script and have little learning experience. The textbook is based on the concept for a nationwide literacy course (BAMF). The basic course with inserted audio CDs and reading and writing books Processing time: 300 teaching units In the basic course, the participants acquire the basics of the written German language. You will get to know the sounds and letters of the Latin alphabet and acquire written language skills in clear, small-step progression. With varied tasks, the basic knowledge of the German language can be systematically developed and expanded. Each of the 14 basic course lessons introduces three sounds and letters one after the other. These are then put together on a double page - this is how the learners are introduced to the syllable and word level. After two units, the participants repeat what they have learned so far in stations. The picture cards in the appendix are suitable for repeating and deepening important word fields and as occasions for oral communication in class. The advanced course with inserted audio CDs Processing time: 300 teaching units The participants develop their written language skills: In addition to repetition, the focus is on getting to know different types of text and the production of short, participant-oriented texts. Furthermore, important spelling rules are introduced and trained. Visual and written vocabulary will be expanded and the development of learning techniques and strategies will be promoted. Everyday relevant dialogues and automation exercises develop oral language skills. The learners train the four skills integratively, expand their vocabulary and develop basic grammatical knowledge. In addition, on the website for the textbook, additional materials such as name cards, posters with an overview of the sounds and letters, numerous picture and word cards.