Alpha plus Kompakt Kompaktkurs mit Übungsheft Mit Audios online

Publisher: Cornelsen

ISBN: 9783065212960

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Product Details

          • Binding: Paperback
          • ISBN-13: 9783065212960
          • Language: German
          • Pages: 128
          • Publisher: Cornelsen
          • Publishing Date: Jan 2018
          • Size213 x 297 x 17mm
          • Subject: German
          • Weight: 790 gm

          About The Book 

          The textbook Alpha plus - compact for learners of duplicates contains 14 lessons. Each lesson consists of three smaller self-contained units, each introducing a letter and a sound. At the end of each lesson there is a double page "Letters - sounds - syllables", which summarizes and deepens the contents of the entire lesson and places the focus on the training and training of the ability to synthesize.

          The concept

          • systematic introduction of sounds and letters
          • systematic development of reading and writing skills
          • consistent speech training right from the start
          • Mediation of important word fields and language modules for everyday life

          The appendix contains picture cards that can be used to repeat central word fields. They also offer opportunities to consolidate oral language skills.

          You can find the audio texts and phonetics exercises as a free download in MP3 format at

          The package contains an exercise book for learners of duplicates, which offers numerous exercises and short texts for reading and writing for each lesson. In every second lesson there is a test for self-assessment of the learning progress. The booklet follows the progression of the textbook and is structured according to the lessons.