Assimil German with Ease (Audio Downloadable)

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183070232

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    • Author:  Hilde Schneider
    • Binding: PAPERBACK
    • ISBN-10: 818307023X
    • ISBN-13: 9788183070232
    • Language:  German
    • Pages: 407
    • Publisher: Goyal Publishers
    • Publishing Date: 2011
    • Series : Assimil German 
    • Subtitle: Self Study Pack
    • Subject: German
    • Weight : 600g

    About The Book 

    If you want to learn German quickly, efficiently and enjoyably, German with Ease is the best possible method to help you reach your goal.

    With just thirty minutes of relaxed study each day, you can acquire German in same way that you learned your own language: by natural assimilation.

    The Assimil method consists of two phases:

    • The passive phase(the first few weeks) during which you simply read and take in the dialogue and exp-la-nations.
    • The acive phase, which occurs halfway through the book, when you begin to generate your own sentences and to communicate spontaneously in a variety of everyday situations.

    After just two months' study, you'll already begin to feel are ease. And in about five months' time, working from a solid base, you'll be ready to hold conversations in real-life contexts using vocabulary that is practical, authentic and contemporary. This edition of our highly successful course has been entirely revised and updates to reflect changes in German language and society over the past decade.