Atelier de lecture La révélation – Livre + CD

Publisher: Didier

ISBN: 9782278069552

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  • Author : Catherine Jorissen
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9782278069552
  • Language : French
  • Level : A2
  • Pages : 36 
  • Publisher : Didier
  • Publishing Date :  June 2011
  • Series : Atelier de lecture La révélation
  • Subtitle : Novel 
  • Subject : French
  • Weight :  206 g

A collection of authentic readings accessible to adolescents
a choice of contemporary novels
segmentation by level according to the CEFR A1 A2 B1 competence scales

The book and the audio CD
The book gives access to the main part of the text interspersed with gateways intended to facilitate reading.
To go beyond the pleasures of reading, a teaching device with questions and activities on each chapter and a lexicon (difficult words explained) will make it a learning tool.
Audio CD included
To work on oral comprehension and rediscover the pleasure of listening to stories.

A2 - Nicolas fell in love with the beautiful Marie with green eyes. 
He does everything to impress her. Will he achieve it?