Aula - 2 Workbook with CD

Publisher: Difusion

ISBN: 9788183072663

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  • Author : Jaime Corpas
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 9788183072663
  • Language: Spanish  
  • Pages : 128
  • Publisher: Difusion
  • Publishing Date : August 2010
  • Subtitle: BOOK
  • Subject: Spanish
  • Size : 360g 

A modular course with a task-based approach, Aula Internacional is a bestselling compact resource with everything the student needs in one volume: the student book, exercise book, a CD-audio, a grammatical resumà and additional reading material. There is a separate teacher's book as well as a wide range of complementary material to accompany the course .
Aula Internacional adopts a task based approach, includes group and pair work activities aiming to motivate students to participate actively in the learning process. This course focuses on communication and takes into account all the diffrent learning styles.

Aula Internacional aims to successfully integrate the practice of the four main skills and takes into account the importance of cultural understanding, by highlighting the culture and language of both Spain and South America.
Each module contains 10 units, providing an effective, active approach to learning vocabulary and grammar with communicative tasks, cultural activities and exercises based on the fundamental areas of Spanish usage.
Developed from the original "Aula" course for immersion learning in Spain, each level allows between 60-80 class hours in a non-immersion environment. Aula Internacional complies with the CEFR and is a very colourful and attractive course with up to date illustrations and information.