BBC OK English Puzzles

Publisher: BBC Active

ISBN: 9788183074865

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Author:  Douglas Campbell
ISBN-10: 8183074863
ISBN-13: 9788183074865
Language:  English
Publisher: BBC Active
Publishing Date: 01-04-2012
Subject: English

BBC ok! is a series of nine pocket-sized books designed to fine-tune learner's ability in English. It is the ideal supplementary resource for the classroom or for the self-study learner, designed to help busy people on the move develop fast - track English language skills.

Everyday English
Build your Vocabulary
Slang, Idioms and Proverbs
special English
Puzzles to practice and improve English skills. Long lists of Words and grammar rules can make learning English dull. Puzzles OK! breaks that boredom, using Word Searches, crosswords and anagrams to test and each vocabulary, explain idiom and practice grammar:

vocabulary from computer parts to car parts, from colors and clothes to jobs and jargon
grammar : comparatives, superlatives, tenses
Idiom: contrast American and British slang, match the meaning to the proverb, match the cartoon to the idiom
Professional English: technical terms for business, politics the media.