Bescherelle: Bescherelle - La conjugaison pour tous

Publisher: Hatier

ISBN: 9782218951985

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    • Author : Benedicte Delaunay, Nicolas Laurent
    • Binding: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9782218951985
    • Language: French
    • Pages: 256
    • Publisher:  Hatier
    • Publishing Date: July 2012
    • Subtitle: Grammar 
    • Weight: 630 gm

    About The Book

    Redesigned and carefully updated, this new edition of Bescherelle La conjugation pour tous is more than ever an indispensable tool for French conjugation.
    The book includes three complementary parts which give all the information necessary to find and spell the forms of any French verb.

    The conjugation tables
    Each of the 104 model verbs of the French conjugation corresponds to a clearly structured table, with all the simple and compound forms in the active voice.
    Also highlighted are the characteristic features of the conjugation of the verb and the neighboring verbs, which are conjugated on the same model.

    The rules of conjugation and agreement
    This part allows:
    - to show that the conjugation and agreement of French verbs follow a few simple rules,
    - to give reasoning methods for spelling verb endings.

    The verb directory
    Each of the verbs is associated with indications on its construction and a reference to one of the 104 tables, which makes it possible to immediately solve a conjugation problem.
    The directory of verbs in this edition lists all the verbs of the contemporary French language, in common or sought-after use, excluding very specialized lexicons. Verbs specific to Belgium, Canada and French-speaking Africa are also taken into account.