Bescherelle La Grammaire pour Tous Nouvelle Edition

Publisher: Hatier

ISBN: 9782401052369

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    • Author : Nicolas Laurent, Bénédicte Delignon-Delaunay 
    • Binding: Paperback
    • ISBN-13: 9782401052369
    • Language: French
    • Pages: 320
    • Publisher:  Hatier
    • Publishing Date: June 2019
    • Subtitle: Grammar 
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    About The Book 

    A grammar of reference, accessible to all. To understand the functioning of the French language and better control it.
    A practical grammar, accessible to all 
    For those who are interested in the functioning of French - high school students, students, teachers or lovers of French - the book contains:
    - clear explanations,
    - more than 1000 examples commented,
    - summary tables,
    - spelling and expression advice.
    A description of the French language precise, complete and updated
    Using the terminology validated by the National Education, the book presents the key concepts of sentence grammar and text grammar.
    The presentation is part of a pragmatic perspective, where grammar is used to express and analyze texts. Links are made between grammatical notions and orthographic or editorial problems. The particular effects that grammatical structures can produce in a literary text are also analyzed.