Bildwörterbuch Deutsch als Zweitsprache für Jugendliche

Publisher: Cornelsen

ISBN: 9783065208994

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Product Details

    • Author : Grunwald, Anita; Hubertus, Peter; Yasans, Vecih
    • Binding : Hardback
    • ISBN-13 : 9783065208994
    • Language : German
    • Market : Young learner  
    • Pages : 152 
    • Publisher : Cornelsen    
    • Publishing Date : Sep 2016
    • Series : Bildwörterbuch 
    • Size : 171 x 241 x 12mm
    • Subtitle : dictionary 
    • Subject : German
    • Weight : 375 g

    About The Book

    The picture dictionary is aimed at young DaZ learners who do not speak the Latin alphabet. The students can use it to review their vocabulary and train their reading and writing skills.

    The picture dictionary contains around 850 words - clearly arranged according to topic - and covers the vocabulary of level A1 +. It is suitable for individual or partner work as well as for independent learning.


    Each of the eleven subject areas begins with a double page on which the subject is presented using photos. This entry double page offers opportunities for discussion in the course. Depending on the language level, words can be collected, pictures and situations described or suitable dialogues developed. The large subject areas are in turn divided into smaller sections, within which first nouns, then verbs and finally adjectives and prepositions are listed. Not only are words learned and consolidated, but reading and writing skills are also practiced and improved at the same time.


    In the appendix there is a clear register with all words in alphabetical order.