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    • Author:  Luis Dorrego Funes| María Ángeles del Hoyo Benito| Milagros Ortega De Pedro
    • Binding:  Paperback
    • ISBN-10:  8477116369
    • ISBN-13:  9788477116363
    • Language:  Spanish
    • Pages:  152
    • Publisher:  Edelsa
    • Publishing Date:  Jul-06
    • Series:  C.I.D.
    • Size:   15.5 x 1.2 x 21.5 cm
    • Subtitle:  research collection
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    About The Book 

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    It has been almost ten years since Dramatic Techniques for the Teaching of Spanish was published and during this time the publication of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Evaluation and the collection of experience of the authors have allowed it to be updated and expand that book, resulting in this volume.

    In Proposals to dynamize the E/LE class, the teacher will find numerous ideas for dramatic games to dynamize and improve the process of learning Spanish in search of authentic communication.

    It is about using certain techniques that theater offers us for its specific use in the classroom; The work will consist of making these techniques part of any class or method of learning Spanish in a new, different and joyful way.

    It consists of 84 activities and is divided into two different parts: expression and drama. all activities are presented under a similar structure. They are cards that contain:

    Number and name of the activity.


    pragmatic competence.

    Linguistic competence (grammatical, lexical, orthoepic, phonological and orthographic).

    Sociocultural knowledge.

    existential competition.

    Group size.



    How to do it.

    Variations and extensions.

    Take note.


    Support for.