Collection F - Belc : 50 Ans D'expertise Au Service De L'enseignement Du Français Dans Le Monde

Publisher: Hachette

ISBN: 9782014016413

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  • Author : Capelle, Guy
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9782014016413
  • Language : French
  • Market : Adolescent/Adult
  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher : Hachette
  • Publishing Date : October 2019
  • Series : Teachers Resource Material
  • Size : 140*230 mm
  • Subtitle : Collection F
  • Subject : French
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Preface by Juliette Salabert
Foreword by Gérard Vigner
Chapter 1: In the beginning

  • At the origins of the "Study and liaison office for the teaching of French in the world", where chance does things well ( Guy Capelle)
  • BEL and CREDIF before BELC: remarks on the constitution of a couple ( Daniel Coste)
  • The ABC of a C ( Geneviève Zarate)

Chapter 2: Path and lighting

  • BELC, a language laboratory ( Interview with Denis Bertrand)
  • Language and communication: the "BELC-system", or how to cross borders to enter the "era of complexity" ( Francis Yaiche)
  • A paradigm called BELC ( Henri Portine)

Chapter 3: Works, perspectives

  • BELC and the training of so-called "migrant" adults: institutional and didactic convergences ( Manuela De Ferrari, Véronique Laurens)
  • The contribution of discursive approaches to language teaching training ( Chantal Claudel)
  • The didactic unit: evolutions of a framework tool for the teaching / learning of languages ​​( Valérie Lemeunier, Véronique Laurens)
  • From text analysis to creative practices: variations in literature throughout BELC training ( Anne-Claire Raimond)
  • Metamorphosis of playfulness over the BELC: treasure hunt ( Haydée Silva)
  • Profession: French teacher ( Valérie Lemeunier)
  • BELC at the service of linguistic cooperation ( Manuela Ferreira Pinto)

Chapter 4: Postscript

  • Homage to Francis Debyser ( Henri Portine)
  • The story of a name

Summary :
The intensity of daily work, in the diversity of uses and functions attached to the teaching of French, has the effect of inscribing in the short term actions, analyzes, perspectives which, in reality, find their logic and their merits in a longer time. As such, the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of BELC, celebrated in 2017, has made it possible to better highlight the role played by this organization in the renovation of French teaching, a renovation whose effects are still today. at work and certainly deserve to be better known. Published for the first time by the CIEP (now France Éducation international) in 2018, the most significant passages of the “anniversary” book are here the subject of a re-edition as part of the F collection,