Collection F -Le Fait Culturel En Classe De Fle

Publisher: Hachette

ISBN: 9782016286463

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  • Author : Evelyne Argaud
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9782016286463
  • Language: French
  • Market: Adolescent/Adult
  • Pages: 192
  • Publisher: Hachette
  • Publishing Date: February 2021
  • Series: Teachers Resource Material
  • Size: 140*230 MM
  • Subtitle: Collection F
  • Subject: French
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How can you learn and teach a foreign culture? The evolution of societal needs has fundamentally renewed the teaching of languages ​​and cultures. This is now conceived in the perspective of plurilingual and intercultural education. The role of the teacher is modified and his work becomes more complex. How, in this new framework, to rethink the notion of culture and the teaching of cultural facts? How can a pervasive cultural dimension be approached in the language class, regardless of the documents used?

The work presented here offers a wide choice of didactic possibilities from which the teacher can select those that suit his teaching situation. Its purpose is to help them determine learning objectives, select teaching aids and practices, and reflect on evaluation methods. Educational sheets illustrate the different possible approaches, depending on the target audiences, the skills to be worked on and the intended purposes.