Conjugaison 450 exercices - Niveau débutant - Cahier d'activités

Publisher: Clé international

ISBN: 9782090335903

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  • Author: Odile Grand-Clément
  • Binding: PAPERBACK
  • ISBN-10: 2090335904
  • ISBN-13: 9782090335903
  • Language:  FRENCH
  • Level: Débutants         
  • Pages: 143
  • Publisher:  Clé international
  • Publishing Date: 31 January 2003
  • Series: Le Nouvel Entraînez-vous
  • Subtitle: Conjugaison 450 exercices - Niveau débutant - Cahier d'activités
  • Subject: FRENCH
  • Weight: 360 g

Conjugation book in French as a foreign language (FLE), in the Le nouvelle entrainez-vous collection, for older adolescents and adults, beginner level.

Each conjugation point is presented through a variety of exercises of progressive difficulty and taking into account the most frequently used language facts at the start of learning.

Divided into 11 chapters, this book covers the most useful times at the start of learning. First of all, the present indicative, on which a third of the exercises relate because it constitutes the basis of French conjugation, both at the morphological and functional level. Then comes the past tense which constitutes the second third because of its importance in communication situations. The imperfect, the future of the indicative and the imperative, involving less morphological difficulties, constitute the whole of the third third.

The training offered in this book is not a purely mechanical handling of verb forms: thanks to a lively and authentic scenario, the learner memorizes not only the morphology but also the semantic value of verbs and learns to use the different time appropriately.