Hindi Workbook III (Dual Script: Hindi - English) - Indirect Hindi Structures Advance Grammar and Other Advance Notes

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9789392512339

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  • Author : Dr I Alam 
  • Binding : PAPERBACK
  • ISBN-13 : 9789392512339 
  • Language : Hindi - English 
  • Pages : 565
  • Publisher : Goyal Publishers
  • Publishing Date : January 2023
  • Size : 30*21*02.5 cm 
  • Subtitle : Workbook
  • Subject : Hindi
  • Weight : 900g

About The Book 


Hindi workbook- All in one, is a comprehensive book for Hindi learning from beginning to expert. Provides stepwise lessons, back-to-back exercises and drills, role-play model sets and many more. This book can be used as classroom instruction, and class worksheets as well as you may give home assignments, all in the same book. There is no need for a separate notebook for doing these all.  

As it is often said that keeping things simple is quite challenging, this book sincerely attempts to address the challenge and keep things simple yet engaging for the learner. This book is about enabling learning and understanding Hindi as a foreign language as simply as possible. For the same purpose, this book presents the entire Hindi language learning into three parts;

  1. Sentences without verbs (Volume – I)
  2. Sentences with verbs (Volume – II)
  3. Indirect structures and other advanced grammar and notes (Volume – III)

Hindi workbook – III

This book is the 3rd and final book in a set of three books. The first book discusses very basic grammar, word order, subject-verb agreement, number, gender, postpositions, oblique case, etc. 2nd book discussed different types of Hindi verbs, tenses and tens related constructions. This book goes one step further and explains all indirect structures and some advanced Hindi grammar, like subjunctive-presumptive mood, direct-indirect sentences, active-passive sentences, and conditional sentences along with pairing words, affixes, and a lot of other contents which are immensely valuable for vocabulary enrichment.

This book has been written with multiple stakeholders in mind. It is expected to be equally valuable for students, as well as teachers, engaged in teaching-learning of the Hindi language. It can be used by all levels of students. Beginners can start from lesson one and go further step by step. Intermediate and advanced level students can pick a particular topic or lesson, that is challenging for them or they want to make a better understanding of it.

To the writer of this book, it took nearly 10 years to bring this book into the current format with numerous changes and modifications included as per the feedback and suggestions received from students and colleagues. While writing the book, he attempted to make teaching-learning simple, scientific, step-by-step, straightforward, and free from complicated grammatical terminology and explanations. We are hopeful that the readers will have an engaging and enriching experience with this book.