Cultura en el mundo hispanohablante (A2-B1)

Publisher: enClave-ELE

ISBN: 9788415299332

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  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9788415299332
  • Level :  A2      
  • Language : Spanish
  • Market : Adolescent/Adult
  • Pages : 192
  • Publisher : enClave-ELE          
  • Publishing Date : September ,2018
  • Size : 190*260MM
  • Series : Cultura en el mundo hispanohablante
  • Subject : Spanish
  • Weight : 415 gm

This book (updated in 2018) takes an in-depth look at 21 countries in which Spanish is the official language, as well as 4 countries in which Spanish has a strong presence: the USA, Belize, the Philippines and Andorra.

Each unit focuses on a specific country, and each unit, in turn, is divided into the following 5 sub-sections:

- 'Presentación' - This provides factual information about the country in question.

- 'Día a día' - This focuses on daily life, family, plus traditions and customs in the country in question.

- 'Fiestas' - This section presents the most important fiestas of the country in question.

- 'Cultura' - This presents the most influencial artists and the most important artistic events of each country.

- 'De viaje' - This section presents interesting places to visit in each country (either natural beauty spots or places of historical-cultural interest).

Each sub-section is presented via a double-page spread, with short texts and images on the left-hand page and reading comprehension activities on the right-hand page.

The book also includes 2 world maps, a monolingual glossary of terms, plus an appendix of the most influential people in the Spanish-speaking world.

Answers to all of the exercises are provided at the back of the book.