Cyrano de Bergerac - Niveau 2 Livre

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090316254

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  • Author:Edmond Rostand
  • Binding: PAPERBACK
  • ISBN-10:209031625X
  • ISBN-13:9782090316254
  • Language: FRENCH
  • Level:  A2
  • Pages: 48
  • Publisher: Clé international
  • Publishing Date: 07-11-2003
  • Subject: FRENCH

Reading in digital format in French as a foreign language (FLE) in the
Mise en scène
collection intended for level 2 adolescents (500 to 800 words).

Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano loves Roxane, his cousin. But she is in love with a young soldier, Christian de Neuvilette. One is a poet and has a lot of wit, the other is very handsome but does not know how to address women. The two men become friends and Cyrano will help Christian to talk about love ...