DaF kompakt neu B1 Intensivtrainer - Wortschatz und Grammatik

Publisher: Klett (Ernst) Verlag,Stuttgart

ISBN: 9789388141734

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Author:  Birgit Braun, Margit Doubek, Nicole Schäfer
ISBN-10: 9388141733
ISBN-13: 9789388141734
Language:  German
Level:  B1
Publisher: Klett (Ernst) Verlag, Stuttgart
Publishing Date: 01-10-2017
Subtitle: Intensivtrainer - Wortschatz und Grammatik
Subject: German

Intensive vocabulary and grammar trainer

Is an additional material tailored to the DaF compact new B1 course and exercise book

Contains grammar and vocabulary exercises for the lessons for review, consolidation or expansion

Includes numerous spelling exercises

Supports you to freely write your own texts

Can be used for internal differentiation or for self-study