Dale al DELE B1 Libro Libro Del Alumno

Publisher: enClave-ELE

ISBN: 978-8415299660

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Author: Ernesto Puertas Moya ,Nitzia Tudela Capdevila

Binding: Paperback
ISBN-10:  8415299664
ISBN-13: 9788415299660
Language: Spanish
Level:  B1
Pages: 138
Publisher: enClave-ELE
Publishing Date:  01-09-2013
Subtitle: Book
Subject: Spanish

Hit the new DELE! B1 prepares for obtaining the B1 level and can be used both in class and independently. In the book there are 5 exam models and instructions and strategies to carry out the different exam tests (Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Written Expression and Interaction and Oral Expression and Interaction) and the transcripts of the audios. The audio is downloadable in MP3 and contains the audios of the Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression and Interaction tests (possible questions from the interviewer). Its authors are staff lecturers at the Instituto Cervantes and trainers of DELE examiners.