Das Leben A1 Teilband 2 Kurs- und Übungsbuch Inkl. E-Book und PagePlayer-App

Publisher: Cornelsen

ISBN: 9783061219673

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    • Author : Funk, Hermann; Kuhn, Christina; Nielsen, Laura; von Eggeling, Rita Maria
    • Binding : Paperback
    • ISBN-13 : 9783061219673
    • Level : A1.2
    • Language : German
    • Pages : 172 
    • Publisher : Cornelsen 
    • Publishing Date : Apr 2020
    • Size : 213 x 294 x 12mm
    • Series : Das Leben
    • Subject : German
    • Weight : 520 gm

    About The Book

    You can play all media for the textbook such as audios, videos, texts and interactive exercises using the free Cornelsen PagePlayer app or stream and download them in the web codes at cornelsen.de/codes.

    The course and exercise book contains a printed license code for free activation of the e-book on mein.cornelsen.de. The media can be accessed via click points on the book page.

    In the course book part of the integrated course and exercise book, new topics, communicative scenarios, linguistic actions, learning strategies, words and grammar are introduced. The exercises in the exercise book part follow the respective course book unit and serve for independent repetition and deepening of vocabulary and structures.

    The plateaus after every fourth unit offer a varied range of learning opportunities: in-depth exercises and games, literature and video exercises on Nicos Weg , Deutsche Welle's video novela. Here, linguistic actions and grammar structures of the previous units are consolidated with different exercise formats.

     Lively, contemporary teaching

    Life enables a rich, stimulating learning environment that extends the attractive, magazine-style course and exercise book with internally differentiated interactive exercises, texts, images, audios, videos and video karaoke - for motivating and varied lessons.