Décibel Niveau – 2 Cahier D'Activités + Cd Mp3

Publisher: Didier

ISBN: 9782278083473

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ISBN-10: 2278083473
ISBN-13: 9782278083473
Language:  FRENCH
Level:  A2.1
Publisher:  Didier
Publishing Date: Mar 9, 2016
Subtitle:  Workbook
Subject: FRENCH

"Décibel" is a 4-level task-based course for teenagers offering 60 hours of classroom study per level. With an emphasis on communication and speaking skills, the course contains a varied range of exercises to motivate students in their learning. Each of the 6 chapters in each level begins with an introductory page, followed by the sections "j'ecoute, je parle, je lis et je découvre, je joue and je révise". Students complete 2 intermediate tasks in the chapter leading to a final task after a games section which revises the topic covered. Speaking tasks in the students' book are reinforced with corresponding written work in the workbook. The accompanying CD MP3 contains all the songs and listening texts from the books. The DVD contains 6 video clips introducing French culture. Exercises for the DELF exams are also included. Grammar summaries, transcripts of the listening texts and a 5 language glossary are included at the end of the students' books.