Der Grune Max 1 Textbook

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9783468988202

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    • Author: Elzbieta Krulak-Kempisty , Lidia Reitzig , Ernst Endt
    • Binding: PAPERBACK
    • ISBN-10: 3468988206
    • ISBN-13: 9783468988202
    • Language:  German
    • Level:  1
    • Pages: 104
    • Publisher: Langenscheidt
    • Publishing Date: 01-04-2007
    • Subtitle: Textbook
    • Subject: German
    • Weight : 400g

    About The Book 

    "Der Grune Max" is a creative course that uses games, songs and poems, and a wide range of cleverly designed exercises to introduce children to authentic German relevant to their age group. Children are encouraged to discuss what they already know about Germany and to make comparisons between German and their native language. The focus of the course is on spoken language and once introduced, basic vocabulary is revised throughout later chapters to consolidate the language and demonstrate how it applies in different situations. Clear photographs and cartoon-style pictures are used throughout to create a colourful and easy to use coursebook. Self-assessment pages are also included at regular points in the book for children to judge how well they think they have learned the topics studied.

    The accompanying workbook contains further activities that involve sorting vocabulary, rearranging words into sentences, picking out vocabulary from listening exercises correctly, and lots of games and activities for children to cut out and piece together in pairs or sentences. A CD containing the listening material in the workbook is included with it. The separate CD contains all the listening material for both the pupil's book and workbook. "Der Grune Max" is an ideal introduction to German for young learners.