Publisher: Edelsa

ISBN: 9788477116059

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  • Author:  Óscar Cerrolaza Gili| Enrique Sacristán Díaz 
  • Binding:  Paperback
  • ISBN-10:  8477116059
  • ISBN-13:  9788477116059
  • Language:  Spanish
  • Level:  A1-C1
  • Pages:  324
  • Publisher:  Edelsa
  • Publishing Date:  Apr-05
  • Series:  la gramática
  • Size:   17 x 2 x 24 cm          
  • Subtitle:  Workbook 
  • Weight: 547g

Product Description

Practical Dictionary of Grammar Workbook.

It collects in a single volume more than 800 exercises and practice activities and reuse of all the contents presented in the "Practical Grammar Dictionary".

They are presented in independent work units, so that the student or the teacher can choose those that they need at a given moment in the language acquisition process.

Two types of exercises are presented:

  • Grammatical exercises: 84 units in which the grammatical categories are worked on.
  • Functional exercises: 55 units in which functional exponents or speech acts are worked on. Both the grammatical and functional exercises have their corresponding references to the Practical Dictionary of Grammar.

Solutions to all exercises are found in "Exercise Book Keys".