Dictionary of Word Power

Publisher: Goyal Saab

ISBN: 9788187572671

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Headword, Pronunciation, Definitions. Word Family, Etymologies & Common Errors.

English is the most widely used language in the world and also the most misused and abused. This Dictionary of Word Power is designed to help you master the English language and enrich your powers of communication in speech, writing, comprehension and general knowledge.

From the publishers of Word Power Made Easy How to Build A Better Vocabulary.

Clear, easy and fast to use with a no-nonsense approach, this latest Dictionary of Word Power matches the outstanding series of Prof. Norman Lewis books on English language and vocabulary.

You will find this dictionary a pleasure to use. Innovative typography guides the eye to the word in a flash. You can scan all the definitions of a word at a glance. And the entries are packed with surprising amount of information.

Obviously, a compact dictionary cannot list all the 550,000 or so words in the English language. But you will find that this dictionary of Word Power will serve you well for 99% of the words you are likely to come across in everyday reading and conversation.

Designed especially for people who need information fast, whether at home, at School or in the office.