El Universo De Los Verbos ( The Universe of verbs )

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788194434009

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  • Author : Parul Batra
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9788194434009
  • Language : French
  • Market : Adolescent/Adult
  • Pages : 148
  • Publisher : Goyal Publisher
  • Publishing Date : Januray ,2019
  • Subject : French
  • Weight : 200 gm

Students often find a dearth of practice material while studying Spanish. "EL universo de los verbos" has been specially written keeping in mind the requirement of all the students willing to learn the language.

The Lessons are meticulously planned keeping in mind the needs of student. The Students will easily be able to relate with the topics of the book and build a strong base. It will help them master the verbs leading to a better command over the language.

In addition, there is also a well thought out "Let's practice" section for each topic along with "Mas ejercicios" in the end.