Em Ubungsgrammatik - Hueber

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183072748

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Author: Axel Hering ,Magdalena Matussek, Michaela Perlmann-Blame 
ISBN-10: 8183072747
ISBN-13: 9788183072748
Language:  German
Publisher: Goyal Publishers
Publishing Date: 01-06-2011
Subtitle: Em Ubungsgrammatik - Hueber
Subject: German

"em Ubungsgrammatik" is a very user-friendly grammar book.

Each topic is presented in the form of a double-page spread: the left hand page introduces and explains the grammar structures and rules to be studied; the right hand page is the practice page with a range of exercises based on authentic material in the form of newspaper articles or dialogues.

This format splits grammar into manageable portions covering enough material for one lesson and making it easy for students to concentrate on the point in hand. All the rules are clearly explained from the learner's point of view with special attention given to areas which frequently cause problems.

The answer key is integrated into the grammar itself and, Since no grammatical knowledge is required to understand the explanations, and the answer key is included, "em Ubungsgrammatik" is ideal for self-study as well as class use.