Enfin chez moi ! niv. A2 – Livre + mp3

Publisher: Didier

ISBN: 9782278076338

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Author: Kidi Bebey
ISBN-10: 2278076337
ISBN-13: 9782278076338
Language:  FRENCH
Publisher: Didier
Publishing Date: 22-05-2013`
Subtitle: BOOK
Subject: FRENCH

Owner of an apartment in Paris! It's too good to be true ! For Karine, a young woman of African origin, it is proof of successful integration, proof that all her efforts were worth it.
But when it comes time to share her joy with her family, Karine feels a strange feeling of unease. She is afraid of being invaded. How to find one's place "here" without denying "over there"?

A sensitive novel about the quest for identity of a young woman caught between several affiliations.