Enseigner une langue à des fins professionnelles – Livre

Publisher: Didier

ISBN: 9782278062713

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Author: Florence Mourlhon-dallies
ISBN-10: 2278062719
ISBN-13: 9782278062713
Language:  FRENCH
Publisher: Didier
Publishing Date: 13-08-2008
Subtitle: BOOK
Subject: FRENCH

After defining the nature of a professional language, the author analyzes the specificities of professional discourse and proposes a real approach to training in FOS.

How to teach a language to adult audiences already in working life (or in the process of becoming more professional) when this language is learned above all for professional reasons?
From an inventory of the various methodologies mobilized for this purpose over the last forty years (chap. 1 to 3), the author endeavors to integrate recent developments in work activity into the field of didactics. (chap. 4) and revisits the analysis of professional discourse (chap. 5 and 6). This conceptual framework clarified, a training engineering approach for language teaching is presented, with its own objectives and privileged content (chap. 7 to 9). It is then possible to go into the details of the training sequences, both from the point of view of the forms of progression to be considered and the difficulty of developing suitable activities and exercises (chap. 10). The last chapter finally addresses the question of evaluation and offers an overview of the main diplomas and specifications involved.
If the reflection is illustrated mainly by examples relating to the teaching of French, the teaching of English is also taken into consideration in terms of the history of methodologies, with the evocation of the evolutions of English for specific purposes (EsP) and various analyzes of the published material, in particular in English for tourism and in English for medicine.

- researchers in language
teaching - language teachers (for adults)
- specialists in the analysis of professional discourse
- company trainers
- institutional decision-makers and managers of company training plans