Essentielle Du Français B1 Grammaire+Vocabulaire+Phonétique B1/B2–Livre + Cd ( Set Of 3 Books)

Publisher: Didier

ISBN: 9782278081035+9782278087303+9782278087310

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Grammaire Essentielle Du Français B1 – Livre + Cd

Author: Yves Loiseau, Ludivine Glaud, Elise Merlet
ISBN-10: 2278081039
ISBN-13: 9782278081035
Language:  FRENCH
Level:  B1
Publisher:  Didier
Publishing Date: Mar 11, 2015
Subtitle:  TEXTBOOK
Subject: FRENCH

Do you want to progress in French and prepare for B1 levels (DELF, TCF, TEF)? French grammar B1 (intermediate) allows you to discover French grammar in a progressive, simple and dynamic way in three stages: "observe", "reflect" and "memorize".

550 exercises: for each of the 37 lessons more than 15 oral and written training activities and 1 continuous or interactive speaking activity.

This book includes:
An mp3 CD: the dialogues and the exercises, 10 assessments / tests, a contrastive grammar (English and Spanish), all the written and audio answers.

Vocabulaire Essentiel Du Français B1 – Livre + Cd

Author: Lucie Mensdorff, Gaël Crépieux, Caroline Spérandio, Marie-Laure Lions Oliviéri 
ISBN-10: 2278087304
ISBN-13: 9782278087303
Language:  FRENCH
Level: B1 
Publisher:  Didier
Publishing Date: 15-02-2017
Subtitle:  TEXTBOOK
Subject: FRENCH

350 progressive written and oral exercises : from A1 to A2 (27 lessons).
An mp3 CD with the dialogues of the lessons and 80 exercises.
A "contrastive lexicon" part for English and Spanish speakers.
13 reports and answers included.

Phonétique Essentielle Du Français B1/B2 – Livre + Cd Mp3

Author: Delphine Ripaud 
ISBN-10: 2278087312
ISBN-13: 9782278087310
Language:  FRENCH
Level:  B1/B2
Publisher:  Didier
Publishing Date: 29-03-2017
Subtitle:  TEXTBOOK
Subject: FRENCH

700 progressive exercises (42 lessons).
6 hours of recording on the included mp3 CD.
A gradual course for training: discrimination, repetition, tongue twister (playful repetition), transformation, speech-writing, reception (for dictation), production (for reading) and a group activity.
9 reports and answers included.