Festival 1-Livre de l'élève

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090353204

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  • Author : Michèle Maheo-Le Coadic , Sylvie Poisson-Quinton , Jean-Noël Rey , Anne Sirieys
  • Binding : Paperback
  • ISBN-13 : 9782090353204
  • Language : French
  • Level : 1 (Beginners)
  • Market : Older Adolescents 16-18 years
  • Publisher : CLE International
  • Publishing Date : April,2005
  • Series : Festival
  • Subject : French
  • Subtitle : Textbook
  • Weight : 310 gm

Student's book in the Festival collection , French as a foreign language (FLE) method for older adolescents and adults, level 1.

Festival is a simple and light method for older teenagers and adults who are completely new to French.

Designed to cover around 80 hours of teaching (100 hours with the workbook), Festival is suitable for extensive, semi-intensive or intensive courses.

The objectives of the method follow the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference :

  • go to the essentials , so as to very quickly appropriate the basic structures and the essential lexicon of French, and therefore to be able very quickly to get by in everyday situations.
  • develop the four skills , while focusing on oral nonetheless. Festival prepares for the new Delf A1 / A2 tests (level A1 is covered by the first 4 of the 6 units of the manual).
  • make the learner a full player in communication : "know-how" and "interpersonal skills"
  • promote their autonomy , thanks to grammatical explanations, repeated and in-depth in the precise, the lexicon in five languages ​​(French, English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic), and the self-correcting exercise book.

The manual is organized in:

  • 6 units each with a communication "macro-lens".
  • 24 lessons (4 per unit) of 4 pages each + one lesson 0.
  • 6 summary reports.
  • The headings of each lesson: "trigger dialogue", "phonetics", "lexicon", "listen, read, understand", "grammar and vocabulary", "personal oral and written expression", "Civilization".