Fête Dans Les Catacombes

Publisher: CLE International

ISBN: 9782090313376

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      • Author: Sylvie Poisson-Quinton
      • Binding: PAPERBACK
      • ISBN-10: 2090313374
      • ISBN-13: 9782090313376
      • Language: FRENCH
      • Level:  A2
      • Pages: 48
      • Publisher: Clé international
      • Publishing Date: September 6, 2012
      • Subtitle: A2 • AVENTURE
      • Subject: FRENCH

      About The Book 

      Reading in French as a foreign language (FLE) in the Easy reading pause collection intended for level 4 (A2) adolescents.

      Maxime, Julie's brother, agreed to take Julie and Claire to a party, in the underground quarries of Paris (called the Catacombs), which is prohibited. The expedition will go badly.

      The "extras" of the collection Pause easy reading

      of original fictions and adaptations of works from French and international literature
      an audio CD included offering the recorded text in a lively and attractive way
      stories close to the interests of adolescents
      and controlled linguistic content, online with them French language methods for adolescents
      explanatory notes
      on the activities before, during and after reading and their answers
      a culture / civilization double page online with the theme of each reading
      To discover alone or in class