Genba Japanese Advanced Edition Japanese Communication for Working Foreigners

Publisher: 3A Corporation

ISBN: 9784883198764

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Product Details

    • Author : Overseas Industrial Human Resources Development Association
    • Binding : Paperback
    • ISBN-13 : 9784883198764
    • Language : Japanese 
    • Pages : 108
    • Publisher : 3A Corporation
    • Publishing Date : March 2021
    • Series : Genba No Nihongo
    • Size : 26*18*01
    • Subtitle : Workbook  
    • Subject : Japanese 
    • Weight : 506g

    About The Book 

    Genba no Nihongo is a brand-new set of books from 3A, the publishers responsible for the famous Minna No Nihongo series. The books are aimed to enable even beginner-level learners to get a good grasp of the Japanese required for use at worksites, as well as providing the cultural knowledge and a guide to workplace etiquette needed to work for a Japanese company. The series was designed to help overseas workers communicate better with their Japanese counterparts in many different frontline workplace settings, with a particular emphasis on the manufacturing and IT industries.

    In this second book of the series, each unit covers the same real-life workplace situations as in Level 1, such as listening to instructions or reporting a problem, but with new and more sophisticated vocabulary and expressions to deal with them at a more advanced level. Furthermore, as with Level 1, there are online audio and video content that those with this book have free access to, so you can really get a feel for what is happening and perform “tasks” relevant to each situation. This is a really novel approach and helps learners not only acquire the vocabulary and expressions needed for each situation but get a chance to really understand how to respond and act in a way required by Japanese companies.

    This is a very specific but ingenious book that efficiently gets people from different countries to the level of Japanese language proficiency and cultural understanding necessary for their work.